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What happens when you collect the car?

Once we arrive at your chosen collection location we’ll perform an appraisal of your car and check over the paperwork (e.g., V5, Service History) to ensure all details have been accurately captured. Then we’ll transfer the agreed funds directly to your bank account there and then. After that’s done, we’ll be off to let you get on with the rest of your day. The appointment should take less than 30 minutes.

How is my valuation calculated?

Your valuation is calculated by real time analysis of trade and retail prices in the used car market. We always aim to be as competitive as possible. If you’re received a higher valuation for your car elsewhere, do give us a call, and we’ll try our best to beat the offer if we can. 

Do you charge a fee?

We don’t charge any extra fees. Home collection and instant payment are all part of the service. The price you see online is the money you will receive. As long as you have accurately described your car, the price we say is the price we pay.

Will you collect my car?

Yes, we offer home collection as part of the service. We’ll transfer your money before we leave for no extra charge.

My car is a non-runner, will you buy it?

Yes, we buy all cars. Please call our customer service term for an accurate valuation if your car is a non-runner.

My car has a private registration, will you buy it?

Yes, we buy cars with private registration numbers. If you wish to keep the registration you will need to organise the plate transfer with the DVLA before you sell the car.

My car is an insurance write-off, will you buy it?

Yes, we buy all cars. Please call our customer service term for an accurate valuation if your car is an insurance write off. 

What do I do with my road tax?

Providing you have over a month left, any tax left on the vehicle can be kept and claimed back directly from the DVLA.

What do I need for the appointment?

Please ensure you have the following items ready for your appointment: 

– V5 log book 

– Service History Book or documentation

– Handbook 

– Spare Keys, Locking Wheel nuts, Radio & Key Codes, Sat Nav Discs etc – MOT (if applicable) 

– If there is outstanding finance, a letter from the finance company confirming the settlement figure 

– Personal Identification (Photo Driving Licence or Passport) 

– Bank account details or the registered keeper (so we know where to send the money) 

Can I sell the car if I am not the registered keeper?

If you are not the registered keeper then we will require written authorisation from the registered keeper informing us that you are authorised to sell the vehicle on their behalf. We also require their photo ID as well as yours. Payment will be made to the registered keepers bank account. 

Can I be paid in cash?

No, due to money laundering regulations and for the safety of our team, all payments are made via instant bank transfer.